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Friday, March 5, 2010

::chocolate bar for my customer::

Important to tell u....for my customer,
there is a chocolate called protein bar for u
those who are like snaking...
and if all of you don't have time to prepare your snake on time that you want,
just bring this one protein bar along your way..
This protein bar is comprised
low sugar,
low fat,
no additive...
high in nutrients like combination of your F1 and F3...
after eat this protein bar,
drink your tea mix...
and u will feel full..

The price for 1 box is RM97.20 contain 14 bar = RM7.00 per each bar...
If you want to try, ask me for one bar...
or if you want to buy, contact me ASAP!

RM7.00 per each bar..

---------TQ (^_^)--------

~CIntaKu HinGga KeSyuRga~


1 tahun 8 bulan

1 tahun 8 bulan
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