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Thursday, April 1, 2010


Hahahaha....xleh bla r tajuk die...
esok aku n da gengs from biohealth ade poster presentation...so, malam ni xsempat nk nulis n3 panjang2...just copy ayat Dr.yus jer....die pum suh sebarkan..

(inilah rupa anak aku yg berjaya dikeluarkan pada 30 Mac 2010..kt kedai polo...sok aku akan memperkenalkan anak aku kt lecturer2 yg akan memberi markah nanti...doakan aku yer kengkawan!)

Dear students,
Finally, we are approaching the big day in a few hours time.
Tomorrow is the big day and I am sure that all of you are eager to present your work to wide audience, not only your friends, judges, and SBK lecturers but also your juniors and other ISB academic members who were invited.
I just have a few things to say.There was a typing mistake in my previous e-mail regarding '200 words' and not '250 words' as stated in my handout. A few concerned students wrote to me. It was a typing mistake and there is no need to panic althought there are students who exceeded the 250 mark as stated previously. Nonetheless, all of you wrote an informative abstract and that skill need to be polished for the future.
As for tomorrow,
You can start registering your attendance by 8.30am, outside of SA1. Please pick the number tag and other materials given to you. In the attendance sheet, please also indicate whether you would like to be given the abstract booklet. This will not be given tomorrow but on a later date, if you want to keep it as a memento.

Once you have completed your registration, please put your poster up on the board assigned. Judging will commence once the judges have been briefed by 9.00am. Please do no leave your poster unattended and if you have to due to valid reasons, please inform a member of the Secretariat.

There are prizes for the Best Poster Presentation, 2nd Place and Third Place. Certificates will be issued on a later date.Tips:
Read the tips that I had given you before.
Be calm and collected. Try to explain your work in the best way as possible and do not panic.
Speak clearly and at a suitable pace. Not too fast that people cannot understand you and not too slow, otherwise people will get bored.
Strike a balance. Try your best to answer questions put forth and if you do not know the answer, it is ok to say that you don't.

Be honest. If you try to fib about your work, it might backfire.That is all and I wish you all the best. Give it you finest shot for tomorrow!! Please pass this message to you friends if they are not in the recipient list. Thank you.


::ching seng a.k.a big boss manyak puji lorh::

Today....suddenly i got the msg thru YM from "tauke besar" a.k.a ching seng a.k.a coursemate a.k.a final year( anak2 mama edah)...
hahaha...so manyak lors u puji i...buat i kembang malam ni..hehe...ching seng ching seng...xkira, i nk post jugak..mane tahu ada orang berminat nak u "read" their mind...hahaha..
jom layan YM aku ngan ching seng...
kowang xnak layan, xyah baca...
hhahaha.. =p

(tadaaaa...inilah ching seng full name tan ching seng..yg aku dpt ambil gambar kt gambar dinner..haha)
tan: su
Marhaini Suriana: ya
tan: i like ur blog la
tan: haha
Marhaini Suriana: my blog?
Marhaini Suriana: which one? drcinta ya?
Marhaini Suriana: hahaha...
Marhaini Suriana: i have 2 blog..
Marhaini Suriana: u can leave the comment there...hihihi
tan: haha
tan: yaya
tan: drcinta
tan: actually i think u r very unique ppl
Marhaini Suriana: why u said like that?

Marhaini Suriana: hahahaha...
Marhaini Suriana: u can 'read' my mind???
tan: special la u
Marhaini Suriana: oh no!!!!!!!!!!
Marhaini Suriana: hahahahaha
tan: hope u can b rich 1 day
tan: become success ppl!!
Marhaini Suriana: TQ 4 ur wish...hehehe
Marhaini Suriana: u can understand what i'm write on the blog ek?
tan: i strongly believe u can do it
tan: cnt
tan: haha
tan: too malay
tan: sikit sikit la
tan: bila senang invite all coursemate sembang sembang
Marhaini Suriana: tu la....chat in the box at right side of dr cinta blog..hahaha
Marhaini Suriana: later when we finish our study, u can follow me on my blog..
Marhaini Suriana: so easy now...
Marhaini Suriana: hehehe
tan: oo
tan: icic
tan: yaya
tan: su
tan: u rindu ur mama?
Marhaini Suriana: hahaha...
Marhaini Suriana: of course la ching seng...
Marhaini Suriana: i'm the oldest...i'm really miss her..
tan: me 2
tan: haha
tan: same feeling la u n me
tan: i also eldest
...bla2...duk sembang sal balik ngan flight..hehe..
tan: luckily got (the airport)
tan: haha
tan: wooo..
tan: haha
tan: nice la su u
tan: tak tau nak cakap macam mana
tan: i mean ur ppl nice
Marhaini Suriana: u ni banyak2 puji i..ada apa2 ke?
Marhaini Suriana: hak3...
tan: coz nak pinjam duit
tan: hahahhaa
tan: kidding la
Marhaini Suriana: hahahaha...
tan: but sound from my heart..u really good!!
Marhaini Suriana: big boss nak pinjam duit, tak mungkin la..
tan: good spirit
Marhaini Suriana: wahhhh...
Marhaini Suriana: TQ ching seng...
tan: sama sama jadi boss la ok?
Marhaini Suriana: okok...
Marhaini Suriana: for sure in the future...we be a boss for ourself...
Marhaini Suriana: hehe
tan: biohealth produce BOSSSS..
tan: haha....
-------------tadaaaaaaaaaa....dah habis dah...----------------
rileks sudaaaa...
opssss....sape2 nak tacle big boss aku nih, da xbole, nti nice girlfriend dia marah taw!
p/s: ching seng i dont hv ur gf pict, if i hv it, sure i put beside ur pict above...hahaha..
unik ke aku nih...ngada2 banyak ade lar...hik3..buah ati aku tau kot..
aku suka part2 yg aku dah highlight merah tooo....haha..
lalalalala.....kembang aku malam nie..

~CIntaKu HinGga KeSyuRga~


1 tahun 8 bulan

1 tahun 8 bulan
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