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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Industrial Training Seminar

Hmmm…Industrial Training Seminar
Last Saturday, 25 July 2009. I attend one more seminar for industrial training…Oh…a few months coming, I have to go for industrial training or in another words, pergi praktikal la…hehehe.. What I’m want to said here is about interpersonal communication (IC) skill. What is exactly the interpersonal communication is? Hmmm…what my speaker said just now is IC is composed with two element…communication and interpersonal..means 2 peoples talking each other. And we also must to know, what is the element should we have in IC. Of course we must to have body language, voice quality, words, listening skills and knowledges. And there are so many another skills that we must to have..So, I as myself, may be some of you know…wherever I go, I don’t mind if I can go by group or by individual, I’m not feel bad, not feel uncomfortable,
BUT… I’m try to adapt myself with the new environments, new friends and new administrations. So, what I get from what I’m behave…hmmm..not all know me, BUT…there are peoples in outside know me…and say at least hye when we meet. Not to be proud, but it is good for me… For now, I have two company want me to join their work…in another words, to be one of their staff. But, I’m know, I’m still study… I have some months more to get the bachelor of degree biohealth science…I’ll keep their ‘tawaran’…What else, the most important things, we must to know how to communicate with others peoples, how to interact with them in different ways. So far… I’m here in University of Malaya, I’m very2 proud to be here…because the first time I enter UM, OH MY GOD…I cannot speak English fluently……So sad because I can’t communicate with my others friends from different country…But the times is changes, now I’m proud, saya tak kekok lagi nak communicate ngan kwn2 dr luar Negara…hehehe….

On that day, (industrial training seminar)…I myself known as “ladies in the pink”..hehee..
Penceramah pun dah kenal kerana aku mulut byk..selalu menjampuk je…last2 nak balik hostel, dia tawarkan nak hantar aku balik…ape lagi…terima kasih teacher…hehehe…dia siap belanja lunch lagi…time lunch byk gak r yg kitaorang sembang….kan bagus kalau ramai org kenal kita…

my teacher (as a speaker) on that day in the middle...

Thanx teacher!!!! Ok friends....C U later...chow first!!!


~CIntaKu HinGga KeSyuRga~


1 tahun 8 bulan

1 tahun 8 bulan
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